Friday, April 25, 2014

Week 36 Bump Update!


Weeks: 36 weeks
Symptoms: Super out of breath, braxton hicks, pain/stiffness in hands, breakouts, pain under my right rib, backpain (from time-to-time) and of course nausea (which takes the cake as the worst symptom!)
Weight gain: I put on 0.7kg this week (1.5lbs). Total weight gain is 9.5kg (20.9lbs). I'm feeling HUUUUGE! 
Movement: Loads! As well as hiccuping - which is so cute!
Stretch Marks: Oooooh yes. They seem to be multiplying! I now have 5... although they are only tiny (thank god!)
Linea Negra: Nope!
Belly button in or out: Still in 
Rings on or off: On
Cravings: Pizza and soft cheeses
Aversions: Nothing really this week
Moods: Anxious and excited
Gender: This week I feel like it's a big boy!
Highlight of the week: My brother getting married! It was the most amazing surprise
Looking forward to: Having another ultrasound to see if my placenta has moved up and deciding whether to have a c-section or not. Rob and I have also booked in to get massages this weekend, can't wait for that!


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  1. Thanks for following my blog! Yours is so lovely!! And congratulations on the baby, haha well soon to be baby! That's super exciting! (: I am following back!


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