Sunday, May 23, 2010

First post

Its a strange feeling having your own blog, I feel a little vulnerable haha. Oh wells just got to put yourself out there I guess. Decided to start a blog from pure boredom, I read them religiously and thought hey I should do this... so here I am.

Went to fashion weekend last week in Sydney and love love loved it! Could have spend every last penny I had if I wasn’t careful. I ended up getting a skirt, blazer, belt, top and necklace for $180!

I think my favourite thing was this necklace from Zoemou (but in black) got it for $35...bargin!

Went out to dinner last night for my friends bday, so much fun.

I wore..

♥ Sass Trisha Stud Shoulder Knit
♥ Jayjays skinny jeans
♥ Zu sparkly silver heels
♥ Cotton on white singlet
♥ Vintage white clutch
♥ OPI Bride's Bouquet on nails

Hope you all had a fab weekend.

Bring on tomorrow!



  1. I love how you made it sound all so simple, like poof here I am haha ^_^ I guess for me it was a bit harder, I remember trying to decide what to write for the first time. See in my journals I always leave the page blank, isnt that crazy? Its like i feel so much pressure I rather just leave it and then jump to the second page like I've always been here hahaa :p

  2. lol yeah it felt a bit strange writing my first blog post. I kept thinking about what people wanted to read, then thought stuff it i'll just write whatever I want there's probably no one out there who is actually reading it :P

    omg I used to be the same with my journal, that's crazy haha.


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