Sunday, July 25, 2010

My latest obsession

I am loving the new collection from Jigsaw. So light and whimsical, perfect spring work attire don't you think?

I can't decide which look is my favourite, I love them all!

I'm dressed for comfort today, in my..

♥ Bardot Bow Shoulder Tee
♥ Jay Jay jeans
♥ IDS cardi
♥ Converse shoes

Oops better go or i'll be late for lunch. Have an amazing day xx


  1. love this collection. It looks so feminine.xx

  2. I love the first look the best. classic chic.

    And the dress is so luxurious.



  3. That collection is so pretty but the thing that jumps out the most is how beautiful her hair is! The first photo inspires major hair envy.

    I like your cardigan :D and converse! I haven't worn mine forever...I'm not even sure where they are :(

  4. Lovely collection!

  5. love it, and love your outfit too!

  6. Oh, i love it! Feminine, lovely and formal but a little casual

  7. Gorgeous looks aren't they? I'm liking the hint of stripes too. Might have to give my credit card a workout at jigsaw soon :)

    @ Sallyannie & Nookie - thanks lovelies, I really need to get some new jeans (i'm thinking some ripped ones..?) but love my trusty old converse they are soo comfy hehe xx

  8. Ooh they are gorgeous, I'm not sure if we have a Jigsaw in NZ anymore, but I do love all these looks x

  9. I love Jigsaw, I am yet to own a piece of it though!

  10. Thanks for your comments lovelies xx

    @ Miri - lol nice play on words ;) I've never purchased anything from jigsaw before either but am now super keen too!


I ♥ reading all of your sweet comments, thanks so much!

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