Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Trends I Love (pt.1)

Cargo pants -

Preppy Blazers -

How I'd wear them...


  1. Oh, cute! I'm bad at wearing pants, but I like the blazers you posted :) I like the ones with contrast piping the best!

  2. I definitely go for the blazers. As for the cargo pants, I prefer skinnies like those Leighton(is that her?) is wearing. Also love the yellow clutch in the collage!

    p/s: Nice blog! And thanks for dropping by!=)

  3. I like cargos, but I feel way silly in blazers...maybe since I'm so short haha! :)

  4. Loving how you put the trends together in one outfit! :D And I haven't seen the cargo pants often on other blogs, it must be pretty new! :D Great that you spotted it though, I'm definitely on the lookout :D Great post!



  5. i loooove preppy blazers! luella did some of the best ones x


  6. I really need to invest in a pair of cargo pants great post xoxo

  7. I love this! Cargo pants with a blazer... I honestly wouldn't have put that together but now I really want to! You've given me inspiration!

  8. @ sallyannie - I loooove blazers (if you haven't noticed lol) but haven't got the piping style yet, would it be really bad of me to buy ANOTHER blazer? :S

    @ Audrey - Yeah I definitely like the skinny style cargos best, I think they look amazing with tan heels.

    @ Rio - lol really? I think you would look amazing in the right blazer :)

    @ Gets & Debbie - haha thanks, I really like the combo of the 2, kinda like in the first pic.

    @ Style of a Fashionista - me too, let me know if you find any decent ones. So far I haven't found anything amazing (that's affordable anyway)


  9. Definitely vote for the cargo pants. I have a pair of skinny ones and feel very comfortable in them, free to do almost everything I want :)

  10. blazers will never go out of style!

    as for cargos... i'm envisioning them for fall, now it's too hot outside to wear any kind of pants :))


  11. preppy blazers - a new classic!
    you're blog is so readable.. loving it. you should be more popular!
    wanna check out my blog and follow eachother?
    you will MY day :)
    keep up the lovely work.
    PD x<3

  12. I want to get a khaki green jacket, but I think I want it in the blazer form not the utility form.
    I like your blog a lot :)


I ♥ reading all of your sweet comments, thanks so much!

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