Thursday, September 30, 2010

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe!

HELP!! I'm going to an engagement party in a few weeks and can't decide what to wear.

Before I ask for your advice though, there's something you should know about me...

I RENT dresses! (gasp! :O)

Yes its true, I pay $100 to wear a designer dress for 1 night. I know what you're thinking.. what a waste of money!

.. and it kinda is but, you get to wear an amazing dress and look fabulous :) plus I hate running around looking for something to wear to an event and stress when I can't find anything. And if I do by chance find something half-decent to wear, I only end up wearing it a few times before either giving it to my sister or selling it on ebay.

I've rented a tonne of dresses in the past (all from, including these gorgeous numbers -

For my b'day high-tea, a few years ago

For my friend's fancy cocktail party

For a friend's wedding, earlier this year

So now you know my dirty little secret, you can help me decide what to wear :D

Here are the dresses I've been eyeing off (brace yourself there's ALOT)

1. Illionaire - Worshipper Dress - RRP $528

2. Hussy - Madame Butterfly Dress - RRP $329

3. White Suede - Peaches Frill Dress - RRP $345

4. White Suede - Deep Vee Exposed Dress - RRP $309

5. Rachel Gilbert - Milla Dress Navy - RRP $245

6. Nicola Finetti - Strapless Ruffle Dress Electric Blue -$495

7. Illionaire - The View Electric Lash Digital Print - RRP $616

8. White Suede - Razor Sequin Dress - RRP $230

9. Natasha Gan - Strapless Eyelet Party Dress Red - RRP $253

So which one do you think I should wear?


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  1. although i haven't done it myself, renting doesn't sound half bad!
    so i'm thinking they are all hot, but 1 and 3 are my favourites :)
    em x

  2. Im loving 1 and 6. I have just came back from dress shopping tonight and haven't found a thing, so I think you are on to a great thing with the renting.

  3. wow I think that's a great idea, I hardly ever end up wearing my dresses again, and these are beautiful. I guess it depends how formal the party is, but I like number 1, number 2 is really pretty and number 9 cos its red :D

  4. I love number one and two!!

  5. Love the butterfly or the navy....Ive heard of that before..we have something called Renttherunway...but Ive never done it.....kind cool:)

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  6. I personally like Number 2 and 7 :)

  7. I love the Nicola Finetti Electric Blue Dress, llionaire dress and White Suede Razor Sequin Dress the most.

    I think the NF blue dress screams 'I'm ready to party/celebrate' dress so this would be perfect for an engagement party. The Ilionaire is very cute and girly is the perfect strapless Spring dress and to go to a girly tea party. The White Suede Razor dress would be fantastic for a girls night out.

    It depends the type of engagement party you're going to. The electric blue dress has been done by many people many times so you may run the chance of walking into a party with someone else with the same electric blue dress.

    I say go the black dress if it's a very elegant engagement party. If it's a loud and fun party, then the NF blue dress. Otherwise the Ilionaire would be a sweet dress to wear if you dress up with a very nice necklace, shoes and curly/wavy hair and hot pink/red lipstick.

  8. I choose the first green dress. Really chic!!!

  9. I really like number three - it's beautiful!!

    I'm holding a giveaway over on my blog, make sure you check it out if you haven't already

    Enjoy the rest of the week! xxx

  10. #2! It's so beautiful and flowy.

  11. I think you should wear the first one, it looks gorgeous!!

    Fashion teapot ♥

  12. I like the idea of renting. It's better than buying, wearing once and then leaving a dress in the back of your closet.

    And it has sooo much more integrity than the practice of buying, wearing and returning...

  13. Wow! That's a pretty cool idea. Do you try these on in a shop, or is it online? I like number 2 :)

  14. I like number 2. It's beautiful!

  15. My top 3 picks would have to be 1,2&7. I love 2 & 7 simply because of the bright colours and prints. And 1 has really nice details although it's a simple silhouette.

    Good luck in picking a dress! Too many good ones!=)

  16. Well, in my opinion definately the fourth one, honestly :)
    Black is all..
    xoxo tamy

  17. that's actually not a bad idea, but I'd love the keep the dresses though lol. I think the White Suede - Peach Frill Dress is actually quite lovely for an Engagement :)

  18. love the peaches frill one:)

    have fun!

  19. 3rd,5th & 6th would look good on you :)

  20. Madame Butterfly Dress FTW! I have always been so curious about this concept and it sounds so worth it. I don't wear my nice dresses nearly enough!

  21. #2 and #7 are my faves! I've never tried renting before, but for certain occasions I think it would be a pretty handy idea.

  22. That Nicola finetti definitely! Thanks for the comment :)


  23. you looked gorge at your high teas!
    i like 1 and 9 the best. hmm.

  24. I really like dress 3. The colour's soft and the style is just lovely.

  25. thanku so much for commenting on my blog!... apreciate it so much!

    feel free to add my on google friends! (scroll all the way down)

    Your blog is so amazing!.... great stuff!

  26. I only just heard about rentals this year, and I think it's a clever idea! Especially if its for one off occasions like a wedding or something. I love the hussy and white suede dresses! Goodluck!

  27. the White Sueded number is HOT!!
    also a fan of the Illionaire dresses, but they are all amazing haha.


  28. peaches frill dress, definitely.
    so lovely, and sensible, but so very beautiful! i've considered renting dresses a few're tempting me!

    you look lovely at ur bday hightea btw :)


I ♥ reading all of your sweet comments, thanks so much!

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