Monday, December 27, 2010

Boxing Day Bargains

I braved the boxing day sales yesterday for the first time and was pleasantly surprised by the experience. Sure it was busy but it wasn't stressful like I thought it would be. The girls and I had great fun, and I managed to stick to budget (woohoo). Here's what I got -

Lush Bathtime Favourites Gift
(for my sister who gets back from overseas on thurs)
RRP - $54.95
Sale Price - $27.45

Lush Ballistics
(The Boogg, Cinders, Satsumo)
RRP - $5.25 ea
Sale Price - $2.60 ea

Miss Shop Dress 1
RRP - $59.95
Sale Price - $41.95

Miss Shop Singlet
RRP - $25.00
Sale Price - $17.50

Miss Shop Dress 2
RRP - $69.95
Sale Price - $48.95

Tokito Blouse
RRP - $30
Sale Price - $21.00

I'll definitely be going again next year :)

Do you enjoy shopping on boxing day?



  1. I did go yesterday as well, and actually almost bought that last blouse too! Although I'm not sure what the fuss is all about, I didn't find that it was so much cheaper than other sales but was good to be part of the boxing day mayhem at least once.

  2. I love that miss shop dress. It looks like a dress I was debating over in forever 21 the other week. Sounds like you had quite a bit of sale luck!

  3. Hello Lovely,

    wow your blog is great. I like your blog. Your blog inspired me. Your text and photos are interesting.

    I follow your blog, too. Thanks so much for following me! :)


  4. Good work, I love the LUSH products especially!!

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  5. what's boxing day?haha i believe we don't have that here. :D nice buys you got.

  6. These are nice!

    I'm following now, and I'd really appreciate if you checked out my blog.

    Thank you!

  7. Very nice, love the lush products and the blouse!

  8. Lovely finds! I enjoyed boxing day sales and am going to enjoy them again today. :)

  9. thank you. a belated merry christmas too you. xx

  10. Thank you for comment! :)

    Followed :)


  11. OHHHHHH.... I'm jealous. LOL. I missed the sales BOOOO..... This makes me miss myer. Its def one of the better shops in Aus. Great buys.

  12. I haven't been sale shopping yet and I'm itching to go!
    These are such gorgeous buys, even better when they're at such bargain prices

  13. Cool buys!!
    The sales for shower are greats!!


  14. ohh you got so many lovely items:)
    we don't have boxing day:(

  15. I went too, but I wasn't quick and enough and everything in my size was gone already :P Awesome finds!


  16. thank you so much! :)
    follow you, too!

  17. Yum Yum yum. I love Lush's soap. Hope you're well gorgeous. :D. X


I ♥ reading all of your sweet comments, thanks so much!

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