Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March Favourites

Fave Show

Fave Beauty Products

revlon matte really red lipstick, lush comforter, palmers fade cream,
OPI mimosas for mr & mrs

Fave Vlog Post

Fave Album

Fave Game Fave Food

Fave Song


  1. I havent watched Pretty Liars yet but we seem to have the same taste on TV programmes so I will have to give this one a go.

  2. Im loving Pretty Little Liars at the moment too. It got a little dull there for a bit, but has picked up again. It's a shame it's on break now for 3 months!

    Im loving Lush too :)

  3. <3 PLL! I love your monthly favourites :)

  4. oh ive only watched the first ep of pretty little liars but you've made me wanna stick with it! also, is that fade cream good? what does it do etc? im inrigued. as always loved it all, xo

  5. @ Emma - it claims to fade freckles (which I have alot of!) but I'm not sure if it actually does or not.. we'll see. It's great at evening out my skin tone though :)

  6. Great list of things!! I love OPI nail polish as well!! Thanks for following my blog!

  7. It's interesting to know what are your favourites!

  8. I love this post and I am addicted to Pretty Little Liars!

  9. Graet post, I am slightly addicted to Pretty Little Liars too. xoxo

  10. I also really love this post - such a fantastic idea! x

  11. ooooh I love Pretty little liars! I am so curious,I would like to know who sends messages :P

    xoxo kami

  12. Great to know more about you! What is the show you are talking about?
    And please what is that strange pink & white thing you call a cosmetic? It looks like a big cake in children tv shows. :)
    Thank you for your sweet and adorable comment. It brightened my day :)

    Following you as well! I like this blog which is talking about a lot of things!

  13. I have been intrigued to check out Pretty Little Liars but havent watched it yet! Thanks for following my blog (and I'm returning the favor)!

    Oh, and I am obsessed with Frou Frou/Imogen Heap!

  14. I LOVE Pretty Little Liars! I'm so sad it's over, but it's back in June, so it's not too bad of a wait for the next season! I also love Frou Frou.

    If you get a minute, check out my vintage giveaway here! :)

  15. Hello lovely :)!

    thanks so much for your comment :)!

    i really like your new post...

    Wish you a great day :)

    with love

  16. Great post
    Love seeing what you're into this month!

  17. I love pretty little liars!!

  18. I haven't seen pretty little liars before but I did see it being filmed while I was in LA on my holiday, that was pretty cool! I might have to start watching it :D. I love posts like this and getting to know bloggers better! :D. I love the Veronicas but I don't have their album, I might have to buy it now if its that good! :D

  19. Nice favorites!:D

    The nail polish shade is pretty and soft. I like PLL too:D

    ***** Marie *****

  20. Pretty Little Liars is such an intriguing and attention grabbing show! I thought the season finale was really good... I can't wait until the show comes back on in June!

    Thanks ever so much for dropping by my blog! :)

  21. i love Pretty Little Liars so-so much)
    it*s my fave show too)
    i followed you ,and hope that you will follow me too)


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