Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 13 - Bali - Seminyak

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So it may look like all we did in Seminyak was eat.. okay that's pretty much all we did haha. We explored the area by foot and attempted to do some shopping but everything was so damn expensive (for Bali anyway). Seminyak grew on me a little but I still think it's a bit too trendy/pretentious for me.. it just doesn't feel like Bali.. it's way too touristy and overrun by Aussies. On the plus side.. they have some amazing restaurants and bars here. I think if I were to come to Bali for a girl's trip, I might stay here again but for a romantic couple's getaway I just wasn't feeling it.

Here are a list of things..

I absolutely LOVED and would recommend doing in Seminyak - 

♥ Staying at Bali Yubi Villas
♥ Eating at Ultimo
♥ Mystical high-tea at Biku
♥ Eating at Mozzarella
♥ Eating at Cocoon

I would avoid if I were you - 

✘ Eating at The Deck
✘ Going to Potato Head
✘ Getting a facial at AMO Spa
✘ Eating at Mystique

We're in Koh Samui (Thailand) at the moment and are enjoying just relaxing by the beach. So far the people we have met haven't been all that friendly.. which is a bummer. There are so many cute cats here and I desperately want to feed them but there are signs everywhere saying "DON'T FEED THE CATS!" :( poor little things. We had our first thai massage this morning and it was AMAZING.. going home and not being able to get a massage every second day is going to suck haha. I'll post some more photos soon (hopefully not all of food this time!)


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