Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Have you heard of Popbasic yet?


If not.. let me fill you in!

Popbasic is kind of like the beauty sample boxes but with clothes and accessories instead! How cool is that!? I'm so excited about it and can't wait for the first parcel to become available.

So each month they release a mini-collection of three items (two trend pieces and one basic) along with a beauty or lifestyle surprise. So you can follow the trends while building your collection of wardrobe staples.

The package is delivered to your door each month for around $50-$100 depending on the items. The good thing is though, you don't need to purchase the collection each month (unlike the beauty sample boxes) you can just purchase it whenever it tickles your fancy or if you'd prefer, you can purchase the items individually.

Plus they offer free shipping to Australia and the US! Woohoo!

To get an idea of what the pieces will look like, here are some pics from their first collection (which will be launched in December - so verrry soon!)-




I can sooooooooo see myself wearing these pieces!! Especially that yellow necklace. Eeeep im so excited!!

What do you think? Will you be signing up?


*This is not a sponsored post*


  1. What a great idea!! The necklaces are gorgeous!!


  2. Thanks for the lovely comment hun. Love the yellow necklace too! xx

  3. How exciting is this, I've never heard of it. I adore the last necklace x

  4. Oh I hadn't heard of this before, sounds like a great idea! I like the yellow necklace too :)

  5. I signed up too, interested in seeing how it all goes :)

  6. Hello honey! I really like your blog! So amazing! :))

    I hope we could follow each other? <3 let me know :)

  7. Yayyy so nice to find another Aussie on here, love your blog hun. Popbasic is awesome, I love them - great post hun!

    Couture Caddy x


I ♥ reading all of your sweet comments, thanks so much!

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