Monday, October 15, 2012

I Won't Let You Go..

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American Apparel Tank, Zara Floral Bomber Jacket, Jay Jay Skinny Jeans,
Betts Centaur Wedges, Parliament Necklace

I am obsessed with this jacket! I love how colourful and girly it is! It's light weight too which makes it perfect for spring. It's a little hard to style though, which is why I've just paired it with jeans and a basic tank for now.

So I convinced my mum on the weekend to adopt a dog, she a terrier x jack russell and although I don't usually like jack russells' she's the cutest, sweetest little dog. She's 9 years old and was given up because her family moved away, so she's spent the last couple of month's at the pound and in foster care. She has the worst name though and I think it will be too hard for us to change it, seeing as she's had it for the last 9 years!.. HER name's Spike! That's right, this tiny little affectionate girl's name is Spike lol. Worst. Name. Ever. I keep acting like she's my dog, I even bought her a bed and toy! I think I'm just overly excited for my mum :)

I've been trying to convince Rob that we should foster a dog (I feel so bad for all the dogs at the pound) but he's worried about kit (our cat). I think she'll be fine but you never know..

Do you have a cat and dog? Do they get along okay?


PS. I did a 'get ready with me' video to go with this outfit too, you should check it out and let me know what you think.


  1. Louise you look so good, you must be sticking to the 12wbt challenge way better than me! I love your floral bomber :) I would love a puppy but because we want to travel we are holding off until after than. I cant wait though I really want a little pet to look after.

  2. Pretty jacket. Yes, dogs and cats can get along well. You just need to monitor them in the beginning while they get accustomed to each other. After that, they live in different worlds and barely notice each other.

  3. Thanks for your lovely comment hun! Love the jacket xx

  4. Love your blog:)! Following you now!

  5. I've seen friends who have both a cat and a dog and they seem to get on rather well. I guess if you have them together from when they're both young it helps matters. I'm more a dog person :) And that floral jacket is just perfect for the weather at the moment xoxox

  6. great outfit!

  7. I love the splashy colors on this jacket.

  8. Love your jacket! The print is gorgeous!

    I don't know anyone that has had both a cat and a dog so unfortunately I can't help you! Good luck!

    Jess xx

  9. That floral jacket is amazing!!

  10. This is a lovely funky yet sophisticated outfit.

    Nafisah xoxox


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