Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Our Trip to Windsor


Last week, we went to Windsor (just outside of Sydney) for a mini-break to celebrate Rob's birthday. We had a great time exploring the town and hanging out with the little man.

Gone are the days of couples massages and fancy candle-lit dinners but we did find time for a little romance. While James slept, we took advantage of our room spa and relaxed with strawberries and champers (mmmm).

We spent the next day playing tennis, shopping in town and going swimming. We stayed at the beautiful Sebel Hawkesbury Resort, which was so handy with a baby as it had all the amenities we needed (including restaurants, a pool, day spa etc). The staff were great too and provided us with a cot, highchair and microwave (to heat up James' solids).

I think we're getting the hang of the whole "travelling with a baby" thing, although the thought of bringing James on a plane terrifies me!



  1. Aww your little man is just too cute! :)

    It's great you're still managing to go out and visit places with baby in tow - it will become easier when he's older to take more trips, he will be such a well-travelled little boy! :) I'm still too scared to go too far with baby though, haha. I'm amazed at the ladies in my mother's group who have gone or are going overseas with their babies! Planes are definitely a scary prospect!

    Away From The Blue

  2. Oh my GOSH your baby is SOOO CUTE! Look at those cheeks! When I first read you visited Windsor I was thinking Windsor Canada because my uncle and my cousins all live there! But then I realised it's actually outside of Sydney lol. My family lives in Brisbane and I spend my year 9-12 in Perth and Darwin so I am technically partial "aussie" too I feel :p Thanks for discovering my blog. I am following yours as well on GFC <3

  3. Haha, I think the idea of traveling with a baby on a plane terrifies every mother. But at least yours is ADORABLE! :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    xo Natasja


  4. I'm having a hard time traveling with my 4 years old too.My boy is very hyper and don't like to sit, so when we traveling is usually over night.Happy Thanksgiving.Love your blog by the way.


I ♥ reading all of your sweet comments, thanks so much!

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