Sunday, July 29, 2012

It's Magic!

I went to see the highly anticipated movie Magic Mike with the girls last thursday and I have to say I WAS NOT disappointed!




I mean sure... the storyline was pretty crappy but who cares about that! The cast were smokin HOT and the stripping was hilarious! Channing Tatum sure knows how to work it! haha

If you're looking for a good movie that you can really get into, this isn't it! But if you're prepared to watch an average movie with smokin hot stripping scenes then you'll love this movie :) I'd watch it again.. but maybe on DVD so I can skip to the best parts haha

Have you seen it yet? What did you think?



  1. I found your blog on chicisimo :) would you like to follow each other with bloglovin? Just follow and comment and I'll follow back :)

  2. my sister said it wasnt that good :( but also she said it was really dark so maybe that was it. itd still be a good perve like you said.

  3. Im seeing it with all my girlfriends on Saturday night YAY!!!!!

  4. I'm not sure it is my cup of tea - I find the whole male stripping thing really embarssing :)

    Gems x

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