Sunday, July 22, 2012

One More Night

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I.D.S Shirt and Cardi, Jayjays Jeans, Airflex Booties and Colette Bag

I'm not sure why but I haven't really gotten into collared shirts until now. I'll have to stock up on a few more soon though because I LOOOOVE this one! This is the first time I've worn it and I have to say I really like it paired with this cardi. I'm also wearing my new bag which I got from my besties for my birthday.. I love it.. it's SO me!

I took these photos at the coast yesterday when the sun was actually shining (hallelujah!). It was so great to just get away for the weekend, I feel so much happier and relaxed now. It's exactly what I needed after a long and stressful week at work. I only wish that it could have been for longer! :(

How was your weekend?



  1. Love the collared top! I know what you mean about seeing sunshine we have had so much rain lately and finally this weekend we have sun.

  2. Lucky you going to the coast. Wish Summer would hurry up. You need to buy more collared tops STAT!! Their so easy to wear and style. Make any outfit cute, especially yours :) x

  3. love you lady what a fantastic pictures and your style is awesome i like your information,your shirt,pent and purse wearing style is also very good and you looking preety one girl
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  4. Nice pics and yes I was totally happy about the sun being out yesterday. It was a great day and a fablous weekend. Love the outfit.

  5. This pictures looks so cute, i really love them. Is a very nice ones, so for all are so beautiful to my looking.

  6. Beautiful pictures. The setting is so pretty and you look so natural I'm not even noticing your clothes. Which is a good thing.

  7. Your hair is such a gorgeous colour :)

  8. We had sunshine was amazing! Cute top :)

  9. So pretty!

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    ox from NYC!


  10. Cute look, the color is such a sweet touch too. I really like the bag as well.

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  11. I love collared shirts too but buttoned all the way up they don't suit me for some reason :o( love your bag! You have some awesome friends!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a lovely day!

  12. I recently bought a collared shirt and I think I might need to get some more too!


  13. Gorgeous pictures you lovely lady
    That shirt is so pretty


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