Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Baby Clothing Haul - Australia


James and I braved the freezing weather yesterday (4 degrees) to do some baby clothes shopping, as James has now well and truly outgrown his size 0000 clothes.

We picked up the following from..


Boys 'Yay' Print Jumper ($5)

Boys Raglan Jumper ($5)

Cotton On Kids

Mini Zip Through Romper ($17)

Mini L's Romper ($17)

Dribble Bibs ($17)

Mini Footed Leggings ($15)

& Bonds

Zip Wonderbundle ($15)

Raglan Long Sleeve Tee ($10)

Wondersuit Beanie ($4)

These are my three favourite places to buy baby clothes at the moment. The clothes are cheap, fun and good quality, what more could you ask for!

Do you have any recommendations on where to shop for baby clothes?



  1. How cute!! When we buy gifts for friends' babies, we like to shop at pumpkin patch. They have some adorable things in there

  2. I always thought dressing a boy would be boring, until my godson was born. I think the total opposite now,boys clothes are so cool!!!!

  3. Aww, he is so cute! And 4 degrees, wow, that's brave to venture out into that weather! I think I'd be tempted to stay at home and have a PJ day...although I've done that the past two days in a row so I should maybe try get out more, haha.

    Love bonds and target for baby clothes! :) Target especially when they have sales - a few days before baby T arrived I stopped by Target and picked up a few onesies as they were on sale - I'm glad I did as I underestimated how many clothes changes babies can need in a day...haha! I took the recommended 5 changes of clothes to the hospital and was yelled at by a midwife at 2am on our third day when I told her I had no more clothes to change baby into, that had been his last clean onesie and hubby was due back in the morning with more....haha. Luckily they had some clothes they could lend us for the rest of the night!

    Away From The Blue

  4. baby James is going to be stylin'! He got it from his mama ;)

  5. I'm constantly looking online but fave all time is Bonds.


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