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Day 23 - Thailand - Khao Lak

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Going to this waterfall in Khao Lak was one of the highlights of our whole trip, it was so beautiful and we had it all to ourselves! Mmm just looking at the pics makes me want to go back there! Khao Lak in general was a lot of fun, even though there wasn't much to do in town. I think if you stay in a resort here you'll have a great time, otherwise you may find yourself getting a little bored.

Here are a list of things..

I absolutely LOVED and would recommend doing -
♥ Staying at Ramada Resort
♥ Eating at Ingfah
♥ Going to the Rainbow Waterfall
♥ Eating at The Garden
♥ Eating at Fizz

We're back in Canberra now and freezing our asses off lol. Not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow (boo!). My laptop has died on me too :( so it might take me a little longer than usual to reply to your comments, hope you understand.
I'll post some more pics soon.. have a great week!

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