Friday, May 30, 2014

NOTD: Essie Where's My Chauffeur? & Beyond Cozy


One of my fave nailpolish combos at the moment is Essie's Where's My Chauffeur? accented with Beyond Cozy from the Essie 2012 Winter Collection. 

Where's My Chauffeur? is a light blue turquoise which I absolutely love.. I do think this colour is more of a spring-time colour though.

Beyond Cozy is a finely milled gold and silver glitter (I'd say more silver than gold). The glitter is insanely sparkly and the formula is great, I only needed 2 coats for full opacity!

I always think it's fun to accent my ring finger with a different colour. It confuses some people when they see it haha.

What about you? Do you like to paint one nail a different colour?


Friday, May 23, 2014

Green Smoothie Recipe - Sweet Pear

My go-to green smoothie at the moment is this sweet pear smoothie. It's packed with fiber, folic acid, vitamin A and C which keeps you fuller for longer, helps your body heal quicker (yes please!) and provide extra support for your hair, skin and nails.


What you'll need
1x Pear (I love the green nashi pears!)
1x cup of Almond Milk (unsweetened)
1x cup of Spinach Leaves
1x Banana
1x tsp Ground Cinnamon


It's so sweet and yummy - I can't get enough! I can really tell a difference with my skin too after having one of these in the morning.


Are you into green smoothies? If so what's your fave recipe?


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

1 Week Postpartum Update!


Welcome to my 1 week postpartum update! I will be making weekly postpartum updates for the first month, followed by monthly ones for the first year. So if you're interested in that kind of thing, stay tuned!

I'm actually really shocked at how well I'm recovering from my c-section. I've been making an effort to move around as much as possible which I think has been helping a lot. I also think that the SRC recovery shorts have really contributed to my recovery as they hold everything in and provide my stomach and back with support (I started using these from day 3 onwards). I still need help getting up from bed/chairs and have stomach pains throughout the day but other than that I feel pretty much back to normal.


Overall I gained a total of 12kg (26.5lbs) during my pregnancy. At one week postpartum I have lost  8.9kg (19.6lbs) which I'm really happy about. I didn't think it would come off so quickly! I still have a belly but it seems to go down a little bit every day. Breastfeeding is definitely the main reason why the weight has been melting off, as I've been eating ALL the time! I'm hungrier now than when I was pregnant!


In terms of scaring, everything is healing really well, every day the scar looks better and better (as do my stretch marks). I've been putting Vitamin E Oil on every morning and Bio Oil on every night. I've also been using what's left of my Palmers Stretch Mark Cream. I've been making sure I drink lots of water (I keep a bottle in the nursery to drink while breastfeeding) as I know it helps skin elasticity, plus breastfeeding is super dehydrating.


I'm not sure of James's exact weight at 1 week old but he last weighed in at 3.0kg (6.6lbs), which is less than what I'd like him to be but is still considered within a healthy range. I'm hoping all the feeding I've been doing this week has brought him back up to his birth weight (fingers-crossed). His height is currently 49cms (19.3 inches).

So I think we're starting to establish a bit of a routine with him. A typical day for us has been...

Wakeup, Feed (>35 mins), Change Nappy, Eye-time with James, Have Breakfast
James Naps, Laundry, Have a Shower and Get Ready
Feed (>25 mins), Change Nappy, Housework, Blog/Relax
Feed (>15 mins), Change Nappy, James Naps, Laundry, Have Lunch
Feed (>35 mins), Change Nappy, Play with James (including tummy time)
Go for a walk with James, Laundry
Feed James (>25 mins), Change Nappy, Bathtime and Massage for James
Feed James (>20 mins), Change Nappy, Read or Play music to James, James Naps,
Have Dinner, Blog/Relax, Housework
Feed James (>25 mins), Change Nappy, Feed again (>20 mins), James Sleeps
When James wakes (approx 1am)
Feed James (>35 mins), Change Nappy, James Sleeps
When James wakes (approx 5am)
Feed James (>10 mins), Change Nappy, James Sleeps


James is waking up about twice a night to feed, which I can't complain about at all! For the first 4-5 days I was getting about 4 hours sleep (total) and now it's more like 6 which is great. During the day I try to have at least one nap with him, where he falls asleep on my chest. It's such a special time for us.

I'm exclusively breastfeeding at the moment. In the beginning, James was only feeding for about 5 minutes at a time and more frequently. He's now feeding for about 20-25 minutes, which I'm trying to extend out to 25-30 minutes.


James is wearing size 00000 (Tiny Baby) for now, but I'm sure he'll grow out of these really quickly. We're using newborn modern cloth nappies with him, and he loves them.

Smiling! Even though it's usually in his sleep or when he has gas! haha

I think that's about all I have to report for week one! I hope I covered everything :) Let me know if you have any questions.


Sunday, May 18, 2014

It's a BOY!!!


Introducing James Anthony, born Monday the 12th of May at 7.12pm (via a scheduled c-section). He weighs 7.2lbs (3.2kg) which is a hell of a lot less than we were expecting! 

I'll do a more detailed post later about his delivery, but in a nutshell..  I couldn't be happier about how everything went.


We are so in-love with him! He's absolutely perfect in every way and we feel like the luckiest parents in the world! I honestly love being a mum.. it's given my life so much purpose and I feel like this is what I was meant to do (sounds corny but it's true!). It's like my life is complete now that he's here :)

Here are a few pics of my little man, during his first week of life!





I still can't believe I'm a mummy now! It's the best feeling ever.


Sunday, May 11, 2014

New Hair!


One of the first things that I wanted to do on maternity leave was to have my hair done. I didn't get anything drastic done.. just a "freshen up" as I'm trying to grow my hair long again.

Here's the before picture...


As you can see, my hair was getting really dry and frizzy at the ends and my re-growth was making my hair look a bit blah.

I was a bit worried they'd take too much off the ends (don't you hate when that happens)... but I'm really happy with how it's turned out. They always straighten my hair too which I love because it makes it so soft and smooth! If only I had the patience to straighten it at home.


You'll have to let me know what you think! :) 


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Winter Fashion & Makeup Picks

With winter fast approaching... I thought it would be fun to share with you my fashion & makeup picks for the upcoming season!

Dorothy Perkins Red Fluffy Snood (AU$24 - On Sale Now for AU$14), Kmart Boots,
Steve Madden Bdarby Studded Satchel (AU$176), Parliament Beanie


Sportsgirl Burgundy Cable Knit

(AU$75 - On Sale Now for AU$61)

(AU$47 - On Sale Now for AU$25)

(AU37 - On Sale Now for AU$20)

(AU$166 - On Sale Now for AU$50)

(AU$59 - On Sale Now for AU$34)

(AU$42 - On Sale Now for AU$34)


Lipstick Queen Jean Queen Lipstick (AU $21), MAC Capricious Lipstick (AU $36), Revlon Raspberry Bite, MAC Gingerly Blush ($41), Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze & Tough as Taupe,  OPI Save Me, Alpine Snow & Wocka Wocka, Essie Carry On

As you can tell I'm obsessed with Dorothy Perkins at the moment and a bit of a bargain hunter!

I hope you enjoyed my picks... my faves are the cat jumper and the red snood (so soft and cuddly!)

I'd love to know what your favourites are!


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

OOTD: Lazy Sunday

Jeans West Maternity Jeans, Glamorous UK Flannel Shirt,
Trenery Flats, Parliament Beanie

I had such a great weekend catching up with family and friends... each time saying to them "ooh this might be the last time you see me before I have a baby!!!" How crazy is that!? :O 

I've got just over 2 weeks to go and I can't wait! I'm getting so huge and uncomfortable... bub is taking up every inch of space in my belly and it does not feel good! haha. I just can't wait to meet him/her and cuddle the hell out of them!!

So this was my lazy sunday outfit that I wore to brunch with the girls. I ordered this shirt online from Glamorous UK and I have to say I'm pretty impressed! It's the first time I've bought anything from there and the quality is better than what I was expecting for a shirt that cost me $20! I love that it's not maternity too but is still big enough to fit over my bump. I think I wasted too much money on maternity clothes when all you really need to do it buy looser clothing (apart from my maternity jeans which I can't live without!)

What do you think of maternity clothes? Worth it or waste of money?


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