Sunday, September 21, 2014

OOTD: Regrowth and Balding Baby

Ah finally Spring is here!! I've missed the warmer months so much! It's time to get outside and lap up the sun as much as I can. Today we're going to Floriade which is a local event that showcases a million flowers in bloom, its absolutely beautiful and the perfect way to spend a sunday afternoon. 

I'm going very casual with my distressed jeans, loose fitted tee and statement gold/neon necklace. My hair regrowth is pretty terrible at the moment as I've decided to go back to my natural colour (dark blonde). I've been bleaching my hair since I was 16 so I figure it's time to give the old locks a break.. they've started to get all straw-like which is even less attractive than the regrowth!

While I'm growing out my hair, the little man is losing his :( All that heartburn I endured during pregnancy seems wasted now. I wonder when he'll start growing it back.. he looks like an old man with a receding hairline! haha.

James wears: Cotton On Kids Shorts, Target Arrow Tee, Cotton On Kids Dribble Bib

Monday, September 15, 2014

4 Month Postpartum / Baby Update!


It turns out that my thyroid levels were off (underactive) so now that I'm taking some meds to moderate them, HOPEFULLY I'll start losing a bit of weight. I'm trying to eat paleo as much as I can (no sugar/wheat/dairy - as we found out this month that James has a cow's milk protein allergy which is why he was having all those gas pains - poor bugger). My stretch marks have finally faded too and my c-section scar is looking better as well (although it's still pink and numb). 


He's such a big boy now! He weighs 7kg (15.4lbs) so he's put on 0.7kgs/1.5lbs this month. He's also had a growth spurt and is now 64.5cms tall. 

James' sleep pattern this month has been all over the place! Some nights he'll sleep straight through to 6am and other nights he'll be waking every few hours. He's also stopped taking the bottle again (damn it). At the moment we're trying to transition out the split feed at bath time and get him to sleep consistently until 6am.

James Wakes, Rob spends time with him while getting ready for work (I sleep in a little longer)
Wakeup, Feed James, Have Breakfast, Rob goes to work
James Naps, Do Laundry & Housework
Workout (blogilates!) and Tummy Time/Play Gym for James
Feed James, Have a Shower and Get Ready
James Naps, Have Lunch, Blog/Relax/Go out
Feed, Play with James (Tummy Time, Reading, Super-man etc)
Go for a walk with James (he naps for around 15-20 mins)
Rob gets home from work and plays with James while I relax
Feed James, Cook Dinner
James Sleeps, Have Dinner, Relax (watch TV)
Feed James. James Sleeps. 
When James wakes (approx 6am)
Feed James, James Sleeps


As I mentioned above, his sleeping pattern hasn't been great. I really hope it goes back to normal soon. Thankfully his daytime naps have stayed the same.

Still exclusively breastfeeding. He hasn't shown any interest in our food yet, when he does I'll start thinking about introducing solids. 

He's still in size 00 (3-6 months) but has gone up to size "crawler" in the disposable nappies.

James is such a character, I see more and more of his personality shining through each day. He definitely craves a lot more attention these days. I spend my days trying to make him smile and laugh, I've discovered that his ticklish under his chin hehehe. This month there's been lots of teething, drooling & gnawing on hands/teething toys/anything he can grab. James' neck support is so much better, he loves Tummy Time now and can hold his head up for longer stretches. He also loves doing push-ups off my chest and looking around at the world. He's even discovered how to roll-over.. I'm one proud mumma! 


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Father's Day


Rob had his very first father's day on Sunday (naaaw). He's such an amazing dad and watching him with James always makes me smile. The above pic is what I made for him along with a few other bits and bobs. We had such a fun day, eating pancakes (nom nom nom) and relaxing by the lake..









I'm thinking of making it a tradition.. pancakes and sunshine, what could be better?

Do you have a father's day tradition?


Saturday, September 6, 2014

Why I Use Modern Cloth Nappies + Giveaway Winner


For one thing.. they're so damn cute!!

They're also...

Better for the Environment
This is the main reason why I choose to use Modern Cloth Nappies (MCNs). It makes me feel a little less guilty as I know that around 5 million tons of disposables are deposited into landfills each year. I also don't have to worry about smelly nappies filling up our bin. 

 It cost me about $250-$300 for the initial set-up, but I'd be spending a lot more than that (up to $1500) on disposables in the long run. I can also reuse them for the next bub/s or lend them to family/friends who want to try them out on their little ones. I could even sell them if I wanted to!

Gentle on their skin
Because the nappies are made of natural cotton fibers, their skin can breathe easier which results in less nappy rash (78% of babies in disposables get nappy rash, as opposed to 7% of cloth nappy babies). It also feels nice and soft against their delicate skin and doesn't have any harsh chemicals that can cause allergic reactions. 

Better for Toilet Training
Apparently toddlers can't feel wetness as much in disposables as they can with cloth so it's harder to toilet train them. Obviously this doesn't affect me now, but it's good to know that it's beneficial later on. 


At first, I was a bit skeptical and worried about the...

I was anticipating it to be messy and time-consuming, when in reality it's no different than washing their clothes that have spit-up, wee and poop on them (poonami!). I wash them every 2 or 3 days depending how quickly he goes through them. I use the flushable liners (which I either flush or put in the bin along with dirty baby wipes) so there's no need to soak them. Just tip the wet bags upside down into the washing machine, put on 90 degrees with napisan and sensitive detergent and you're done. They come out super clean, I haven't had one stain yet!

I was worried that the MCNs would leak all the time, but they don't. Don't get me wrong, they do leak sometimes but that's inevitable.. just like disposables leak.


The only downside of using MCNs for me is..

If I can go somewhere that I can wash them, then i'll continue to use them. But sometimes that's not an option so disposables are much more practical.

Carrying them in my Nappy Bag
I only ever leave the house with disposables in my nappy bag because MCNs take up too much space in my bag and I could be using those MCN's as opposed to having them packed away.

Using MCN's 90% of the time and disposables for the other 10% works for me. After trying out a number of different types, I've decided that the Cutie Bum Nappies (above) are my favourite. They're cute, super soft and easy to use (and no this isn't a sponsored post.. I just love these nappies!).

The choice to use disposables or cloth is entirely up to you, but if you're curious about cloth nappies, I say give them a try, they're not as scary as you think!

Also congratulations to Jess of Avant Garde Living who is the winner of my Lush and Victoria Secret Giveaway! Thanks to everyone who entered :)

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