Tuesday, April 21, 2015

11 Month Postpartum / Baby Update!

One more month until this guy is ONE!!! Insane!!

I think I must have lost some hair postpartum and not noticed until now (as I have a tonne of baby hair coming through). No matter what I do - it sticks out! It's so annoying haha. I'm down another 0.8kg (1.7lbs) since last month, so pretty much back to my pre-pregnancy weight - woohoo! I even slipped on my old jeans today and they actually fit! I'm not getting too excited though as I still need to lose 5.2kgs (11.4lbs) to be back to my normal weight. Hopefully once I'm back at work (coming up soon) I can start my morning exercise routine again.


The little guy is now 10.8kg (23.8lbs). His height is still 77cms. 

We have officially weaned James off his dummy! It was WAAAAY easier than I thought it was going to be! It only took 3 days and now he doesn't even remember what's it's for. 

Wakeup, Feed James (Formula)
Have Breakfast with James, Clean his Teeth
 Moisturise and Dress James, then put James down for his Nap
Do Laundry & Housework while James Naps
Have a Shower and Get Ready, then Play with James (Social Play) 
Have Lunch with James
James Naps, Blog/Relax
Feed James (Cow's Milk), then Play with him 
(Cognitive/Physical Activities)
1hr Walk to Park (Outside Play) and Back
Put Toys Away, Prepare Dinner
Have Dinner as a Family
Rob Baths, Moisturises and Dresses James
Rob Reads to James, Feeds him (Formula) 
and Cleans his Teeth
James Sleeps


His sleep has been great (knock on wood). He had a few rough nights when he was teething but other than that he's slept through. 

He definitely knows what he likes and doesn't like! He'll pretty much put anything into his mouth, but if he doesn't like it he quickly spits it out. We tested him with peanuts this month too and he's not allergic HOORAY! Bring on the peanut butter sandwiches!


He's still in size 1 although they are starting to get a bit snug.

Ah he's growing up so fast!! He's been cruising the house like crazy and standing on his own for a few seconds. He points to his nose, eyes and tongue when you ask him where they are - so clever! Four new teeth have popped through this month so he's got eight teeth now. It's getting harder and harder to change him as he likes to roll over and crawl away. He LOVES undoing his disposable nappy too, thank god we use cloth most of the time. He's a little chatter box this month saying dadda, mumma, nanna and yum. I'm going to miss him so much when I'm back at work :( only a few more weeks to go. On the plus side, his first birthday is coming up and I can't wait! It's going to be so cute!


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