Monday, January 30, 2012

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

January Glossy Box

I finally got my January glossy box..





It came with..

Nivea rich nourishing body moisturiser
Sheer Cover nourishing moisturiser
Sheer Cover lipgloss in pink praline
Kosmea daily facial exfoliant
Mirenesse tight liner hydra gel eye liner in sapphire blue

They also threw in some Australian temp tattoos (for Australia Day) and 2 x $25 giftcards to spend at the iconic.

My favourite product from the last glossy box was Clinique's turnaround overnight radiance moisturiser.


It's super hydrating and left my skin feeling soft. I'm not sure if I love it enough to buy the full size though.

I can't wait to see what comes in next month's box!


PS. Thank you all so much for your sweet comments on my previous post. You completely made my day.. week.. month! :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

My First Youtube Video

I woke up this morning and had a random urge to film so I did! I'm a little nervous sharing it with you all (and the rest of the world) but it took so damn long to edit that I felt I had to!

It's a "get ready with me" style video, not exactly the greatest quality but I hope you guys like it anyway..

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If you do, it would mean the world to me if you clicked the 'like' button :)

Oh and I received my glossybox yesterday (finally) so I'll be posting what I got shortly.

I hope you all had an amazing day and for those fellow ozzies out there HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY!


Monday, January 23, 2012

Take a bite of my heart tonight..





Pink Stitch Top, Cotton-on black singlet, Thrifted cardi, Jay Jay skinny jeans, Airflex booties,
Cotton-on scarf, Pink stitch bracelet, thrifted watch, OPI Excuse Moi! nailpolish

This was yesterday's outfit, which I wore to brunch with the girls. Nothing too exciting, just something I threw on before running out the door. The polka dot top I'm wearing can either be wore like this or tied in a bow at the back. I think I prefer wearing it like this as it's a little bit different. I also wore my $4 vintage guess watch that I picked up from the Salvos (an op shop) on Saturday. Even though it's falling apart I LOVE it!

I hadn't been op shopping in so long and forgot how much I enjoy it! I found so much good stuff on Saturday and only ended up spending around $40. I picked up a few winter jumpers which I reeeeally want to wear so I'm hoping the weather cools down so I can wear them :)

I'm looking forward to having a day off work this Thursday for Australia day, usually I celebrate by going to a BBQ and listening to triple J's hottest 100.. but I think this year I just want to relax at home.. is that bad?

What are your plans for Australia Day?


Friday, January 20, 2012

Trends I Love (pt.13)

Aztec Print -







How I'd wear it...

Untitled #16

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Urban Decay Naked Palette

I FINALLY jumped on the Urban Decay Naked Palette bandwagon after seeing it pop up on all my favourite vloggers "top products of 2011" videos. I thought about getting the Naked 2 Palette but the colours in the original seemed more versatile.



Already I'm in love! The palette has the perfect mix of colours and they're so pigmented. The case is pretty too! I love that it's velvet and I didn't even realise that until it arrived. I'm not a HUGE fan of the eyeshadow brush. I do however love the eye primer that came with it, I tried it out over the weekend and my eyeshadow didn't crease or budge.. which is exactly what you want in an eye primer!

I'll definitely be using the primer and palette to do my makeup for the wedding. I'm thinking.. virgin, sidecar, hustle.. but we shall see.. I'll have to have a play around with the colours. There are so many combinations to try!


Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Thousand Years




Bardot Tee, Baby Pie skirt, Betts wedges, Pink stitch bracelet,
Thrifted bag, Essie Meet Me At Sunset nailpolish

I got this cute little skirt for $20 from one of my favourite shops.. Felt. I discovered it about 6 months ago and have been shopping there so much! It's hard finding places to shop in canberra as there are so few stores that everyone ends up wearing the same thing! Felt is a little hidden which I like, so most of the time I can pick up something semi-unique.

Yesterday I curled my hair as a trial for the wedding, it got me all excited for the big day.. even though it's still 3 month's away. I'm pretty happy with how my hair turned out and it was easy to do so I think that's one less thing I have to think about. I still have to work out how I'm going to do my makeup.. I think something natural. I don't think I'll use fake eyelashes or anything too dramatic.. it's only going to be around my family after all.

Click here if you want to see pics of my hair, I'd love to get your thoughts. Oh and i'm planning on wearing some sort of hair accessory in it too.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Laura Mercier Undercover Concealer Pot - Product Review

My Skin Type



Open the top lid to view the award-winning Secret Camouflage and Secret Concealer. The unique Secret Camouflage formula is oil free and stays in place all day long to cover blemishes, scars, and imperfections. Combat under-eye circles with the Secret Concealer— its emollient formula allows for a smooth application in the sensitive eye area. Finally, set your makeup with the Translucent Loose Setting Powder. The lightweight, silky powder adds a velvety finish to any makeup.

Price & Size

AU$52 for 5.80g


♥ Conceals perfectly
♥ Lasts all day
♥ A little goes a long way
♥ Convenient package


♥ It's expensive

Would I buy it again?

Yep, it's ideal for covering blemishes and doesn't create that caked-on look I hate. The under-eye concealer is good, but for me it's all about the secret camouflage concealer. If you're looking for heavy under-eye coverage this product probably isn't for you, but if you're wanting to cover blemishes, scars etc then look no further, this concealer is perfect for you!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I'm a bumble-bee!


..well I was on NYE anyway :)

A big group of us went to Jindabyne (of all places) for new years and it was so much fun! It was great to do something different. I just couldn't stand the thought of another new years eve spent in a hot, crowded club where some drunk would spill something all over me. It was great to dress up too! Costumes are always fun and I loved the costumes my best friend Emma picked up for us (she's a lady bug). It was a great start to the new year..

..and what a year it will be with our wedding in April (I can't believe I'll be a Mrs soon!) and trip to Bali and Thailand for 6 weeks after that! I can't wait! There's alot of prep work to do beforehand though and I'm not just talking about wedding arrangements, I'm talking about losing some weight, not a huge amount, just enough to feel confident in my wedding dress and bikini!

I made an attempt last year to lose weight by trying to eat healthy and exercise but I kept giving up and after 5 months I'd put ON weight! So now I'm on the dukan diet (which I'm sure you've all heard about as it's the latest fad diet) which basically means no carbs, sugar, alcohol or fruit until you get to your goal weight (did I mention you can only have veggies every second day?) then you can start bringing these foods back into your diet. Well let me tell you.. I've been on this diet for a week and it's SO BORING and I'm craving sugar like a crazy person BUT I have lost 2kgs already so it must be working. Lets just hope I can stick with it!

Anyways I think I've rambled on for far too long! I hope you're all having an amazing day and I'll talk to you soon.


Friday, January 6, 2012

See the Sun


Hi lovelies, sorry for the lack of posts lately. I've been really unmotivated to blog since christmas (what's wrong with me!?).. I guess we all need a break from blogging occasionally. I do have a few things to fill you in on but I'll do that in the next post, nothing too exciting, just what I've been up to lately :)

In the meantime, I thought I'd share with you a few of my favourite looks from Madewell's Spring 2012 collection.. I am OBSESSED with this collection! It's my ideal style.. simple, casual and chic! I also think the models are absolutely gorgeous, I would kill to look like that.

What do you guys think of the collection?

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