Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Thousand Years




Bardot Tee, Baby Pie skirt, Betts wedges, Pink stitch bracelet,
Thrifted bag, Essie Meet Me At Sunset nailpolish

I got this cute little skirt for $20 from one of my favourite shops.. Felt. I discovered it about 6 months ago and have been shopping there so much! It's hard finding places to shop in canberra as there are so few stores that everyone ends up wearing the same thing! Felt is a little hidden which I like, so most of the time I can pick up something semi-unique.

Yesterday I curled my hair as a trial for the wedding, it got me all excited for the big day.. even though it's still 3 month's away. I'm pretty happy with how my hair turned out and it was easy to do so I think that's one less thing I have to think about. I still have to work out how I'm going to do my makeup.. I think something natural. I don't think I'll use fake eyelashes or anything too dramatic.. it's only going to be around my family after all.

Click here if you want to see pics of my hair, I'd love to get your thoughts. Oh and i'm planning on wearing some sort of hair accessory in it too.



  1. Love your hair curled. You're looking fantastic :)

  2. your hair look divine curly!!! so soft and feminine. i love your hair here too, it looks so healthy and sleek!! cute skirtx

  3. Such a cute casual outfit, I'm loving the shoes too! <3

  4. really cute&pretty outfit :)

    M from

  5. Your hair looks very pretty, very appropiate for the wedding, very nice!

  6. Your hair looks gorgeous!!! It looks so healthy. x

  7. Chic, easy, feminine look! LOVE! -Jessica

  8. You look gorgeous and that skirt is so pretty! Ooo, I'm excited for you and your wedding! xx

  9. Your hair in the wedding photo looks goregous by the way! xx

  10. So jealous of you being in such nice weather! I'm permanently blue because it's so cold her!

  11. That is a steal for $20! I feel so excited for you as well. Have you found the hair accessories yet?

    1. I know, I love finding bargains! Yep I found one, I'll have to post a photo soon :)


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