Saturday, July 31, 2010

Riding the highs and digging the lows..

My day was full of ups and downs..

I started the day with R making me the most amazing breakfast ever

Curious Kit (kit cat - get it?) came to investigate

We then decided to go for a drive to a jewellery shop in the city I have a gift voucher for (R's dad generously gave to me for my bday).

On the way, the car in front of us hit a duck and didn't bother to stop (grrrr I hate these people) we stopped immediately, picked it up and rushed it to the VET. It was so sad this poor duck was bleeding everywhere and was shaking because it was in shock/scared...we got a call later to say it had been put down because it's wings were broken :( this put me in a sad mood and an angry mood at the stupid idiot that hit it. Why don't people care about animals!? Are you that busy you can't stop for 2 seconds to look after the animal you've hit or better yet break when you see it?!? grrr. Sorry but I care about animals and hate people that don't.

To cheer me up, R bought me (and him) some goodies from the bakery

We ended up going to the jewellery shop later on and I got this gorgeous ring and bangle (what do you think?)

We then went out for mexican, it was soo good!

Now i'm off to play mario kart on the wii with R cause we're nerds lol.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend! :)



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  3. looks so delicious, makes me hungry!

  4. All the food looks so good! You cat is adorable. :)

  5. :( poor duckie. On the bright side...the food looks super yum :D

  6. looks like you got lots of yummy eats on the weekend! x

  7. mmmmmmm all the food looks amazing!
    and cute cat (love the name btw)
    also i really hate those people who do that to animals, really is it so hard to take responsibility for their actions? [/rant]
    on a lighter note:
    your bangle and ring are adorable!

    thanks for the lovely comment on my blog :)

  8. Yum!! All your meals look so delish!!!

  9. It was a day of yummy but unhealthy food lol oh wells you gotta splurge sometimes right?

    @ nookie - thanks babe, the ring is my fave :)

    @ CGBlogger - wow thanks so much for your invite, although i don't think i'm quite ready to be considered a fashionista (as i'm still discovering my style) love your blog and am now following u xx

    @ CC - hehe thanks, I love her white socks (so cute)

    @ aurora - Glad you feel the same way as me (about animals) wish everyone in the world did too :) haha you're like the first person who actually likes kit's name. Everyone I know thinks its stupid lol.

  10. Oh, your every post is interesting to me and makes me feel i wanna follow you, i wanna eat everthing in your post:) And the Cat is so so cute! Luv it all.

  11. oh no. that's heartbreaking about the ducky. how awful.
    but otherwise you had such a rad day!

  12. That choc chip chai is the shiz. Yummmm.


I ♥ reading all of your sweet comments, thanks so much!

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