Saturday, August 21, 2010

If we ever meet again..

I'm loving how chilled today has been so far.

I met my sister for lunch earlier and decided to be super unhealthy and order a chicken burger..

...her on the other hand decided to be super healthy and order a fruit salad (boy did I feel guilty).

As soon as they came out, I regretted ordering the greasy (but delicious) burger and had order envy of my sister's fruit salad. Don't you hate when that happens?

After lunch, I voted (woot, woot) so exciting right? ha well not really.. but at least its done :)

Today I wore -

♥ Jay jay skinny jeans
♥ Black shirt from a little boutique in melbourne
♥ Diva owl necklace
♥ Siren heels
♥ Guess watch
♥ OPI What’s with the catitude? nailpolish

R and I have our date night tonight hehe, should be fun! Hope you're all having an amazing weekend.


Keep an eye out, as i'll be posting the winner of my giveaway tomorrow :)


  1. have fun on your date! don't feel guilty about what you ordered, i bet it was super yummy, a girl should indulge once in a while, right? you look pretty!

    kisses from

  2. Ooohh, I've always wanted that polish!

  3. The burger has lettace in, that makes it healthy, right? Haha only joking but that fruit salad looks yummy!!

    Fashion teapot ♥

  4. If I got the fruit salad I would totally want the chicken burger instead! :)
    lovely, classy outfit too.

  5. Don't feel guilty I probably would have ordered both! haha.
    Your blog is great and I really like your outfit, it really suits you!

    Yours, Elizabeth.

  6. Its alright to indulge! And voting is extremely exciting. I wish more people were excited about deciding their future.

  7. Oh yummy, that food looks so good! And loving your outfit!

  8. hahaha hmm .. that burger and fries looks much more appetizing. good choice :)

  9. yes i would have ordered both too! main meal & a dessert :) it looks yum though.

  10. I wouldn't feel so guilty.You can easily make a fruit salad at home,whats the fun of that?

  11. don't feel guilty! what's the point of life if not to enjoy yourself ;) or enjoy tasty food for that matter! it's all about balance. can a fruit salad fill anyone up? ;)


  12. ahaha i voted too!
    except i went before work, so i started lining up at 8.15, and didnt get to vote until 8.45, then ran home and to work afterwards just in time for a 9o'clock start haha
    i have no idea whats going with the it going to be a hung parliament? whats that mean?

    nice shoes

    and definitely so guilt inducing when someone you're dining with is eating much more healthily!

  13. it looks yummy though;;)
    love your outfit!

  14. Whatever, it was probably more satisfying than the fruit salad haha! Cute look, too! :)

  15. oh I would not feel guilty. I wish I had that burger right now! yum!

  16. Sometimes you just gotta splurge! That chicken burger looks delicious, I've actually been craving french fries all day!

  17. That chicken burger looks so appealing right now!


I ♥ reading all of your sweet comments, thanks so much!

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