Sunday, June 26, 2011

Don't hold your breath

It is sooo cold in canberra at the moment, all I wanna do is stay rugged up inside with some hot chocolate.

I did brave the cold today though and went furniture shopping with robbie (we desperately need a rug, chair & coffee table for our bare looking lounge room) bit of a bummer though as we didn't find anything we liked. That's always the way isn't it?

Anyways this is what I wore (pretty boring sorry!) -

Jayjays jeans, Sportscraft top, Bardot fleece biker jacket,
Betts wedges

I hope you guys had an amazing/fun-filled weekend and fingers-crossed that we all have an amazing week ahead of us :)


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  1. I am over winter, bring on summer. I like that jacket Im going to have a look in Bardot for it.Cossing my fingers and toes for a good week as well.

  2. I love winter ! boots ftw!

    check out my new post !

  3. Its freezing here in Sydney too! I'm wearing so many layers right now its just ridiculous. Hope you find a rug, chair & coffee table soon.
    xxx christie

  4. Lovely outfit! (but we have 40ÂșC here, so I can't stand this idea for me!!)

  5. that is not boring, is a simple outfit that I totally love to wear every day :)

    You luck cute.
    Also I love the title, is it for the son right? Im stuck with it ;)

    See you!

  6. I always find amazing stuff for my house when I'm not looking and don't have the money for it. It's so annoying. :)


  7. I never thought I would see a fleece biker jacket! It's a great idea, comfy, warm and stylish. You do not look boring!

  8. its so cold here too, brrr!! at least the sun was out but it doesnt stop the wind. lol!! hope you have more success next time shopping for furniture

  9. Sounds like you need a vacation somewhere tropical!

  10. i love your outfit ;-)

  11. Comfy casual outfit.:D

    I hope you guys find the perfect rug, chair and table for your room!:D

    ***** Marie *****


I ♥ reading all of your sweet comments, thanks so much!

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