Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November Favourites

Fave Show


Fave Beauty Products/Tools

Clarasonic Mia, LimeLily Cosmetics cream blush (in harmony), Chanel aqua vitalumiere foundation, ROC complete lift daily moisturiser

Fave Vlog Post

Fave Place


Fave Food

Fave Movie


Fave Song


  1. we would definitely be friends in real life missy. how good is pan am? and gotta love some sumo salad

  2. I need to visit a brow bar. Being allergic to wax is a pain. I haven't seen Eclipse yet I keep hearing mixed reviews.


  3. I always laugh when reading your favourite posts cause we have so much in common X

  4. Oooo :D awesome faves! I still want to watch Pan AM, it reminds me of the movie catch me if you can, the one with Leo Dicaprio. I am looking for someone who can do a good brow threading...and I have not seen Twilight new movie. I love Move like Jagger too!! Ooo...we could definitely hang out :D


  5. We share lots of favorites. I love "Pan Am" and hope it doesn't get cancelled. (There are rumors it's on the edge of that.) I also wish I could get my eyebrows shaped but I don't have the nerve to go to a pro.

  6. I keep missing Pan Am but all I hear are good things. I'd watch for the fashion alone! Also I wish we had a brow bar, my brows are in need of a good shaping.

  7. Love it! That Chanel foundation is great, as is Sumo Salad and Maroon 5! Such great taste ;)

  8. Unfortunately that show is not in Argentina yet, when it airs my goal is to try to create their looks: so amazing!

  9. I've heard all good things about that TV show, but still haven't sat down to watch an episode yet. And I think I had that Chanel foundation and loved it, but it made me break out. :( So sad.

    Happy December!

  10. I am absolutely LOVING pan am too, with mad men on hiatus, it is my vintage fashion fix. Colette is my favourite. Enjoying catching up on your posts, I went on a bit of a hiatus too thanks to my year 12 exams, hope to have you back :).



I ♥ reading all of your sweet comments, thanks so much!

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