Friday, August 31, 2012

August Favourites

Fave (and not so fave) Beauty Products

Fave Show


Fave Drink


Fave App


Fave Workout Class


Fave Song


  1. Step is way to hard for me I am just not coordinated enough to do it.Sangria Yum, Yum, Yum!!!!

  2. I have a product I used to use that is kind of like the Clinique you used, in that EVERY time I tried to use it anywhere other than my nose ... BAM! Stinging rash. What is with that? I just stopped using it because I figured it if did that to my skin in some places it couldn't be that great for my nose either.

    I actually ended up doing a huge bath and beauty clean out a few months ago and my sisters happily took all the stuff I didn't want off my hands, haha.

    Love your blog!

    x Jasmine

  3. i love carrie underwood and the first time i heard 'before he cheats' i fell in love with it!

  4. Thanks for this! I'll have to try the lip butter, it looks really nice and I like that it is moisturizing unlike your last one. I hate when lipstick gets all dry, super gross!

  5. That video was so helpful! Thanks! I will steer clear of those products and check out the other ones too!

  6. Yay I love discovering new (to me) fellow Australian bloggers! Love your beauty video, I'll have to go check out your others. A couple of questions though - where do you get your Laura Mercier products? I'd really like to try their tinted moisturizer, but didn't know you could get it over here... Also you mentioned you didn't like that under-eye concealer - any recommendations instead? Thanks in advance :)

    Life etc

    1. Good questions! :) I actually bought the laura mercier products online, but I know they also sell them in sydney (myers). Um my fave undereye concealer is the mac studio sculpt concealer, its the best thing for hiding undereye circles and I'm going to repurchase it soon :) xx

  7. Sangria is also my drink of choice! How excited are you about Spring? I can't wait for it to get properly warm - then we can go on a picnic with Megan! xoxox

  8. sangria is one of my favorite drinks!


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