Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!


Here in Australia we don't really celebrate Halloween.. but it seems more and more people are dressing up and going trick or treating. So this year I thought to myself.. do I want James growing up being a part of Halloween festivities or not. 

The answer was clearly yes! I mean who doesn't love to get dressed up, eat lollies and watch scary movies? I would have loved to celebrate Halloween when I was a kid!

To start the Halloween tradition, I decided to carve my first pumpkin! It was fun (and so messy!), Rob bought the biggest one he could find (it's almost as big as James haha). I have to say.. I'm pretty impressed with my first efforts carving a pumpkin.. it looks even better when lit up at night. 

I also bought James a Scary Pumpkin costume. How could I resist!? He was, after-all, nicknamed Pumpky when he was growing inside my belly. I'm sure he'll kill me when he's older for dressing him up like this haha (I'll definitely be bringing this one out at his 21st!). 

I can't wait to see what we'll be doing (and wearing) next Halloween!

Do you celebrate Halloween? If so, what did you get up to this year?



  1. I think Halloween is becoming a bigger deal now in Australia, I definitely noticed more Halloween stuff on sale in stores. And cute does James look, save that pic for his 21st haha

  2. I have a big bag of lollies at my door ready to hand out and they will be in my belly later if nobody trickle treats. James looks adorable and I am really impressed with your pumpkin carving skills.

  3. He is too cute! :) Impressed by your carving skills too, well done! :)

    I saw a cute little pumpkin onesise in target and took a pic to send to hubby, but decided not to get it. Then realised for only $6 I really should have just got it anyway....of course it was sold out! My sister (who calls baby her little pumpkin) was not too amused...haha. Maybe next year we can get him a cute little costume like you got James! :)

    Away From The Blue

  4. your first pumpkin?! congratulations!! hehe. you did an amazing job for a first pumpkin :) james is adorable in his suit. babies in costumes are the cutest!!

  5. Babies in costumes are the best part about Halloween! James makes the perfect pumpkin!


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