Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day 29 - Thailand - Phuket - Last Day

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So sad that it's all over! This was our last day in Thailand and as homesick as we were, we still weren't ready to leave. Phuket was a great place to stay despite it being super touristy. I think if you stay out of the hussle and bustle you'll enjoy it alot more as you get the best of both worlds. Staying at 'The Shore' was one of the highlights of our trip, it was pure luxury and made me feel like a super star! I definitely recommend staying there, it was AMAZING!

Here are a list of things..

I absolutely LOVED and would recommend doing in Phuket- 
♥ Staying at The Shore
♥ Eating at Two Chefs
♥ Eating at Horngrill
♥ Going on the Flying Hanuman Adventure
♥ Eating at Cafe Opera
♥ Getting teeth whitening trays made at the dentist

I would avoid if I were you - 
 ✘ Eating at Baan Laimai
✘ Eating at After Beach Bar

So that's it! my honeymoon is over.. I wish it never had to end! Now I'm back home, freezing my ass off and dreading going to work each day (waah!). I'll just have to start planning another adventure overseas :)

PS. Not sure if you guys noticed but I've given my little blog a face-lift! What do you think?


  1. It looks like you had a fabulous holiday - I'm dying of jealousy!

    Gems x

    Australian Fashion Review Blog

  2. Where in Australia do you live?! I would nearly die of happiness if I got to travel to Australia. Haha. Isn't the temperature pretty high there, regardless where you live?

    I wouldn't mind traveling to Thailand either...lucky you! :)

  3. Looks like you had a great time! I haven't had the chance yet to visit Thailand even though it's so close to our country heh maybe soon. Love your photos! ♥



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