Sunday, April 27, 2014

What's in My Baby's Hospital Bag!


If you saw yesterday's post, you would have seen what I packed in my hospital bag for labour & delivery... and as promised, here's a look at what I've packed for bub.

I'm using this nappy bag that I bought from pink lining which I absolutely LOVE, it has everything I need in a nappy bag (and plenty of room for bub's things) plus I think it's the cutest thing ever. 


The Basics

Toiletry Bag
10x Onesies (5x sz 0000 + 5x sz 000)
Snappi Clips (as the hospital provides cloth nappies)
4x Newborn Disposable Nappies
Big Fluffy Baby Blanket
Security Blanket
5x leggings
5x socks
5x vests/singlets
2x muslin cloths
2x beanies
3x mittens



Baby Grooming Kit
Ayana Organic Baby Butter (sample)
Curash Baby Powder (sample)
Ayana Organic Baby Bottom Cream (sample)
Johnson's baby top-to-toe bath wash (sample)
Sudocream (sample)
Curash Nappy Cream (sample)
Huggies Baby Wipes

I think I may have overpacked slightly haha oh well it's better to be over-prepared than under-prepared I say! Plus it was so much fun packing this little one's bag... it makes me so excited!! I just can't wait for him/her to get here!



  1. I love the bag. It's all so adorable. Brings back so many happy memories for me.

    I overpacked as well. Ended up using everything the hospital provided because I was too scared to change bubba into the fancy button up things I'd brought.

    With regards to skin care, pharmaceutical grade olive oil and sudocreme were the two things that got me through the early weeks. Bubba had dry and sensitive skin and anything fancy just made things worse. as he got older, he got basted in Dermeze twice a day.

    You're going to look so glam in hospital! Loved the previous post.

    SSG xxx

  2. Hey, thanks for the comment on my post - I have replied on there :)

    I love the bag, it is so cute! I bet you was so excited when packing this :D

    Good luck & congratulations! ♥

    beautysaveuk ♥

  3. That bag is so cute and baby is going to look pretty cute as well.

  4. That bag is adorable! :)

    You've made me feel grossly under packed, haha. I was told 5 outfits, and there was nothing about toiletries for baby, oops I completely forgot that! I have all of my toiletries sorted....Will definitely have to review the contents of baby's hospital bag again this weekend I think!

    Away From Blue

  5. thank you for checking out my blog! i love your blog as well! And I see you have a baby on the way! Congratulations!! I look forward to following your journey of mommyhood through your blog :]


I ♥ reading all of your sweet comments, thanks so much!

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