Monday, August 18, 2014

3 Month Postpartum / Baby Update!


I fall more and more in-love with this little guy every day.

I'm really struggling to lose the baby weight and I think I've even put on a little this month (I've been avoiding the scales). I've been eating really well though so I'm not sure what's going on. It may have something to do with my thyroid (which became underactive during pregnancy) so I'm going to get my levels checked again. Either than or my body just wants to hold on to the fat stores to breastfeed (bugger!). 


James is now 6.3kg (13.8lbs) which means he's put on 0.8kgs/1.7lbs this month. His height is still 61cms.

I'm really happy with our routine at the moment, and I'm hoping it stays this way for a little longer :) We've started giving James the bottle every other day now so I don't have to express as much (he's only just started taking it again after forgetting what to do and choking on it).

James Wakes, Rob spends time with him while getting ready for work (I sleep in a little longer)
Wakeup, Feed James, Have Breakfast, Rob goes to work
James Naps, Do Laundry & Housework
Workout (blogilates!) and Tummy Time/Play Gym for James
Feed James, Have a Shower and Get Ready
James Naps, Have Lunch, Blog/Relax/Go out
Feed, Play with James (Tummy Time, Reading, Super-man etc)
Go for a walk with James (he naps for around 15-20 mins)
Feed James, Rob gets home from work and plays with James while I relax
Rob gives James a Bath
Feed James, Cook Dinner
James Sleeps, Have Dinner, Relax (watch TV)
Express 60ml (every 2 or 3 days), Go to Bed
Rob Feeds James 60ml with the Bottle (every 2 or 3 days), then I finish feeding him. James Sleeps. 
When James wakes (approx 5am)
Feed James, James Sleeps


Most nights James is great and sleeps till around 5am, although lately there have been nights where he wakes at 2-3ish wanting a cuddle or to play (all smiley and chatty) so I have to soothe him back to sleep. We've been using Tummy Calm before bed (not every night but when we notice he has an upset stomach) and it's been working brilliantly! No more waking up crying with gas pains!

He's become such an efficient eater! He'll only need to feed for around 10-15 minutes and he's done - it's great! He has around 6 feeds (including 1 split feed at bedtime).


He now wears size 00 (3-6 months) and is still wearing cloth nappies and size infant disposable nappies.

James is so much more alert and loves to have a chat - he's even started laughing when we tickle him or pull faces. He now grabs onto things and reaches for his toys. He especially loves his rattle, toy elephant and security blanket. He's getting better at Tummy Time (even though he HATES it) and his neck support is slowly improving. He loves to stand (with us supporting him of course) and push off his legs.. one of his favourite games at the moment is superman. He's also discovered his hands and loves to suck his thumb which is good - apart from when he pushes too far and chokes himself (scary!)



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  1. Aww that last pic is too cute! :) He is adorable, and growing so quickly! :)

    I'm sure I've started to put weight on again - or at least the leftover baby belly seems to be growing....haha. I keep snacking as I don't often get time for a proper meal so the chocolate probably has a lot to do with it! You're doing so well to fit in a work out during your day :)

    Away From The Blue

  2. his cheeks! his eyes! what a handsome little fellow :) he takes after his mama! you look great! you hair looks fabulous here :)

  3. Wow, he is growing so fast. The last shot of him sucking his thumb is so cute!

  4. Such a cute little boy! Don't worry about the baby weight, give it time.

  5. James is a cutie! No wonder you love him so much.


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