Saturday, August 9, 2014

Girl Time




I loved having some girl time today with my sister, sister in-law and my gorgeous niece. We went to lunch at Jamie's Italian (yum!) then had a bit of a pamper sesh.. getting our hair styled and our nails done. 

Although I ended up having to leave early to feed James. I had planned ahead and left a bottle with Rob but James has forgotten how to take it (nooooooooooo there goes my freedom!). I think it's because we used to give him the bottle regularly (once a day) then reduced it to only once every three days, but I got sick this week with mastitis (ouch) so we couldn't give him his usual bottle feed and it's been over a week since he's had one. Obviously that's all it takes for him to forget (yikes!). I really hope we can get him to start taking it again. Has anyone else had this problem?

I really enjoyed the time I did have out though, it was so nice to spend time with my niece (I could just cuddle and kiss her all day!) and my sisters. It's funny how much more you appreciate time out of the house once you've had a baby - you cherish every minute!


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  1. A day out with the girls sounds lovely and your niece is gorgeous

  2. Aww your niece is so cute! :)

    Sorry to hear about the bottle issues with James - hopefully with a bit of practice you'll be able to get back to it! Babies learn quickly :)
    I hope your mastitis is clearing up - that's a horrible problem to have! Trying to care for a newborn while dealing with pain, a fever and being unable to stand up...not ideal. Luckily I got antibiotics quickly to get rid of it and lots of tips about how to prevent it happening again.

    Away From The Blue

  3. i'm glad you got to get away for some girl time even if it was just for a little bit :) you're glowing! what's the secret? :) i love glasses on you too, by the way :) xoxo

  4. I have a blogger friend who is a new mom and I can only imagine how happy she is when she gets to briefly get out of the house. I'm sure it will get better and easier as your James gets older! Sometimes ladies just need some time for just themselves :)

    Tale Of The Great


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