Tuesday, January 20, 2015

8 Month Postpartum / Baby Update!


 My weight has plateaued this month :( I've only lost 0.1kg (0.2lbs). Oh well, at least it's better than a gain.. I just need to be stricter with my diet this month and start walking more often (I've been a bit slack lately as it's so hot outside!). I really want to lose the last 1.8kgs (3.9lbs) at least, before I return to work in May. I've started weaning James to formula this month, as I got mastitis over the christmas break (for the fourth time!) and now one boob has stopped producing milk so I'm completely uneven! More on that later!


The little guy is now 9.6kg (21.1lbs) which is 0.5kgs/1.11lbs more than last month. He's also had a growth spurt and is now 75cms tall. 

 I'm still working on cutting out the 10pm dream feed. I'm bringing it back by half an hour every few days then eventually I hope to stop altogether. As I mentioned, I'm trying to wean him off breastfeeding, so I'm doing a combination of breast and formula feeds. I'm also trying to get him to drink from a sippy cup as much as I can.

Wakeup, Feed James (Breastfeed)
Have Breakfast then Give James Solids
 Moisturise and Dress James, then Tummy Time
Have a Shower and Get Ready while James Naps
Do Laundry & Housework while James plays in his Jumperoo
Give James Solids
James Naps, Have Lunch, Blog/Relax/Go Out
Feed James (Formula), Play with Him (Tummy Time, Reading, Games)
Blog/Relax while James has a rest in his Bouncer
Give James SolidsRob gets home from work & plays with James
Cook Dinner
Rob Baths James
Have Dinner, Feed James (Formula + Expressed Milk)
James Sleeps, Relax
Feed James (Formula + Expressed Milk), James Sleeps, Go to Bed


His sleep is a lot better than last month! He's back to sleeping 11-12 hours (woohoo!). He no longer needs his 4pm nap and actually sleeps better at night without it. Instead he just has some quiet time either in his cot or bouncer.

I'm trying to give James as much finger foods as possible with just a small amount of purees (so he still learns how to use a spoon). He's gotten so much better at picking food up with his fingers and popping them straight in his mouth (as opposed to his eye, ear, hair etc like he used to!). 

"Really mum.. another picture?!"

He's gone up to a size 1 (12-18 months) - where has my tiny baby gone!? He's also in size toddler disposable nappies! :O

James is THIS close to crawling! He gets up on all fours and does this weird leap frog thing haha. I'm in no rush for him to start crawling though as I still need to baby-proof the house! He also started rolling both ways this month and hasn't stopped. He loves to sleep on his side (snuggled up to his favourite teddy nawww). He's got two teeth now (on the bottom) and has a new smile that he likes to flash us when we're being silly. He's started scrunching his face up as well when he doesn't like something or is processing new things, it's so funny to watch!  He's obsessed with saying "dada" (his first word!!) and said "mama" for about a day then got over it :( I'm loving this age, it's so much fun playing with him and seeing his reaction to new things. He's such a little boy now with his own cheeky/shy/sweet personality.



  1. First up - mastitis is horrible - I felt like death just having it once I can't imagine 4 times! You're amazing battling through that! Horrible stuff. Hope weaning goes well, James seems like such a happy little baby he's sure to take it all in his stride.
    You are looking wonderful too, no matter how disappointed you may be with your weight loss.

    How are you going with the sippy cup? Some days baby T is happy to guzzle from his sippy cup, even drink the water himself...other days he won't touch it and pulls away even if I'm holding it. The child health nurse told me not to worry, he'd drink it when he wants it...but I worry he should be having more water as he's having so much solid food now. Trying not to go back and ask again about the whole sippy cup thing, but it is concerning me that I'm maybe not doing it right? What doesn't worry you as a mum though, haha! There's always something! :)

    Hope you're having a great week! Baby T is being a grizzly bubba....not sure why but maybe he's not having enough water? ha! Silly sippy cup problems!

  2. Awww... James is adorable! Great pictures. He'll show them to his friends some day.

    I recently posted my baby pictures on Facebook and got a great reaction. Imagine James doing that fifty years from now!

  3. Aww thank you sooo much for your advice on my post Louise! Made me smile, thank you! :) It's good to know from someone who's been there before! :)

    Since baby T started drooling my mother in law said he was teething, and i've been saying it everytime he's grizzly for what I think is no other reason, but no teeth yet. I have that fun still to come, hehe!

    Thanks so much for your help with the sippy cup! It's a silly thing to worry over, but I do...I think I should try a different brand, hadn't thought of that! :) Today he had about 30 mls water, some days he has less than 10...so difficult to know what's 'normal'. I guess every baby is different though, there is no normal haha.

  4. Such a cutie! Babies feet are always the cutest little things!


I ♥ reading all of your sweet comments, thanks so much!

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