Sunday, February 15, 2015

9 Month Postpartum / Baby Update!


I can't believe my little guy is already 9 months old! He's growing up too fast :'(

No more weight loss this month, in fact, I think I've probably put on a little bit of weight (I've been avoiding the scales!). I hurt my back helping hubby with some heavy lifting in the backyard and have basically been on bed rest for the last few weeks. I'm only now starting to feel okay. I can't wait until it's better so I can start exercising again! I might just start with low-impact exercises like walking, swimming and maybe pilates to strengthen my core. 


James's weight gain has slowed down now that he's more mobile! He's 9.9kg (21.8lbs) which is  0.3kgs/0.6lbs more than last month. His height is still 75cms. 

No luck yet dropping the dream feed :( I'm sure we'll get there eventually! At the moment he's feeding at 9pm and waking up around midnight - I think out of habit more than hungry as he settles back to sleep without a feed. I've stopped breastfeeding completely which makes me a little sad but also relieved in a way as I feel like my body is my own again. 

Wakeup, Feed James (Formula)
Have Breakfast with James
 Moisturise and Dress James, then put James down for Nap
Have a Shower and Get Ready while James Naps
Do Laundry & Housework while James plays (Jumperoo, Activity Table)
Have Lunch with James
James Naps, Blog/Relax/Go Out
Feed James (Formula), Play with Him (Tummy Time, Reading, Games, TV)
1hr Walk to Park and Back
Have Dinner as a Family
Rob Baths James
Rob Reads James and Feeds him (Formula)
James Sleeps, Relax
Feed James (Formula), James Sleeps 
Go to Bed


His sleep has been pretty good apart from waking around midnight. I'm hoping he'll start sleeping through again soon, if not we may have to push his dream feed back to 10pm again :( His day sleeps have been good, although he doesn't sleep for as long during his lunchtime nap.

He's a great little eater! He's mastered his pincer grasp and loves to feed himself now. Chomping on his spoon and not letting go is his new game, he thinks it's hilarious. 


He's still in size 1 and toddler disposable nappies (although we use cloth nappies when we're at home)

He's started commando style crawling, but hasn't quite mastered crawling on all fours yet. He's getting better and better every day though, so it won't be long now til he's full-on crawling - eeep how exciting! His favourite game at the moment is scrunching up his nose and sticking out his tongue at us. He mimics us too when we start doing it - too cute! He's obsessed with standing and gets upset when we sit him down again. He definitely knows what he wants and doesn't want and can be pretty stubborn! I think he's started teething again as I can see his top front teeth starting to make an appearance. He has been so happy this month, just laughing all the time - even at things he usually hates like getting dressed. He's so adorable and completely lights up my day! 



  1. He is so cute! :) Seriously, such a cutie! :)

    Good luck with the dream feed! Maybe one night he just won't need it, that's what happened with my son, just one night, we didn't change anything, and boom, he slept through. Great in a way, but also frustrating as I don't know what changed to make it happen to make sure it doesn't revert back again, ha! It's been a tough few nights for us - with teething I think. I'm hoping tonight I get a decent sleep, but we will see how we go. His sleep was all over the place again today so it's not looking good ha!

    Hope your back heals up back to 100% soon! If you're doing all that walking to the park every day, that's great exercise even if you wait a while to do anything else until your back is happy again.

    You are doing a wonderful job - look how happy he is! :) You're a great mum :)

    Away From The Blue

  2. Wow he looks so much like you and he looks so happy!


I ♥ reading all of your sweet comments, thanks so much!

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