Sunday, June 13, 2010

Coota – whatta?

So mum and I decided to go on a trip together when I was 12, she said pick somewhere not too far from here so I picked out Cootamundra (2.5hrs away), but we never ended up going... until now.

We just went overnight, luckily as there was nothing to do and everything was closed (who closes shops at 12pm?). Anywho... we got to see a few interesting places and meet some very nice down-to-earth people.

Here are some photos of our travels -

Now i'm off to meet the girls for a night in with take-away, gossip girl and champers.. can't wait!



  1. These photos are super cute - I'm going to demand my mum takes me on a trip like this next time I'm home!
    Hope you had fun with your friends, Gossip Girl is amazing! :) x

  2. these are super cute. I want to do a roadtrip now that is summer and i want to end up in places like these, but I'm guessing I have to drive really far from my little city that never sleeps haha ^_^


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